Gold Rush Cards

Want to invest in physical gold as a hedge agains financial uncertaintity , we present to you Gold Rush cards a gold card

Get your Physical Gold Bars

Get physical gold as a hedge agains financial uncertainty, it is time to secure your financials and your family.

Welcome to IQ-Traders

Welcome to IQ-Traders your professional trading source. We have all the necessary market knowledge and experience to be able to understand the needs of each individual to be able to attain their financial goals.

Why invest in Gold

Here are the fundamental reasons to invest in gold : 1. Gold is more than just another commodity, it’s a currency. It is THE currency that evolved in the marketplace over the last 5,000 years. 2. Gold and silver are the only currencies not created and controlled by governments. All of today’s other currencies (dollars, […]

Diversify your Portfolio

One of the most important things in your financials is diversification. No matter what you invest in, you always carry a diversified portfolio.